Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wine Selection for Thanksgiving: what to do?

There are many flavors of wines and some people get really picky. If you know your friends, then a variety of wines, that they have recommended may be the solution. Most of the times, however, there will be new people at the table. On a tight budget? The choices then may come down to two wines. 

Here is what New York Times Eric Asimov recommends:
So, two wines. They need to be light rather than heavy, agile rather than powerful, moderate in alcohol and versatile enough to complement the hodgepodge of dishes on the table.  Their main quality: lively acidity, the quality that gives wine energy.
He recommends the following:  the M√Ęconnais region of France Chablis; crisp Italian whites like Soave or fianos from Campania; reds and dry whites from the Loire Valley; good Beaujolais; lighter-bodied zinfandels; and sauvignon blancs. Wines for Thanksgiving dinner
Narrow the choices to one red bottle and one white sauvignon. If your friends and relatives are wine connoisseurs, ask for their help or when they ask the magic question: What can I contribute, say please bring in your favorite selection. It shall be a winner. 
If you are dying to impress your folks during your visit, I recommend the Wine Lover's Holiday Gift Guide available at The Wine Enthusiast Magazine Wine Gift Guide Do not worry, the prices are acceptable. They carefully selected a list that fit all budgets with gusto from ($6.99-1,000). And for those who would not be delighted by wine but instead are very happy with beers, no worries....they are often more likely willing to bring their selection, or otherwise are flexible to go along with a variety that include a few light and strong dark varieties. Do remember that while wine lovers tend to be more picky regarding selection, the beer lovers maybe content with the best selection among the locally produced beers.