Monday, August 15, 2011

Pear Cranberry Pie

The original story and recipe is here Pear Cranberry Pie

This is the tweet recipe 6 tweets):
1. buy a crust...yeah, I don't know how to make crust, sorry.
2. Smash the berries: use a blender, a mortar, a hammer, a stone or whatever other way it may occur to you!
3. Use lot of sugar & butter those berries are as acidic as hell! How do I know hell is acidic? It has sulfur they say...:-)
4. Add All spices: this, which is a mix of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg, fix any other potential problem and smell delicious!
5. Add vanilla- Have you ever use vanilla beans? No, really? That is the best.
6. You know the regular stuff: preheat and bake at 375 F during 45 min
Good luck, and happy delicious pie!

By the way: My recipe is not too sweet. Yet if you want to do some exercise after I recommend this book
Pilates on the Ball
(I am selling it!)

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  1. You know what I also learned? I didn't know what it mean to fold the ingredients. I have an assistant who 'translated' some of the instructions...any time I ask,what does it mean this?