Monday, August 15, 2011

What can you do with so many zucchini?

Here are some ideas about what to do with your excess produce:
1. Give the produce to friends and neighbors --this works if they enjoy cooking. Also make sure you know their likes...
Most people prefer baby zucchini. I was told this "bring only the babies, not those baseball bats." Oh, no worries, I said, 'the bats' are for seeds.

If your family, friends or neighbors don't cook, then cook for them...some people don't know what to do with all those fresh weird looking things. What were they again? They will say thank you and let em..rotten! It is not their fault. They either want to be nice with you so they take the gift. Perhaps, they don't know how to say no to you. They have no experience or lack cooking instruments. Or plainly, they have no desire to cook. Of course there is that possibility that they don't like the stuff at all...
I know this list is not balance...bare with me. Bullets are coming...
2. With the big ones, make some chips. I cut small slices, circular and bake them. Then I put them in a dehydrator. You may choose to fry them instead. I add vinegar, salt, a little bit of sugar, pepper and Italian spices.
3. What about grillin...that is an excellent option.
4. Make zucchini bread
5. You could stir fry them with olive oil+onions+wine+garlic+chives+sage + pepper
6. Make a lasagna (use recipes for egg plant)..I know is not the same, but it works.
7. Cook them in a tomato-basil or marinara sauce
8. Pickle them
9. Wait until they rotten... It happen very fast :-)
10. Slice them and put them in a dehydrator
11. Eat them fresh, directly from the plant (This shall have been option #1)
12. Let them grow giant-ourmous and use the seeds, then pickle the rest/or fry them.
13. Give them to your enemies
14. Drop them secretly at the thrift store, the food pantry or the local grocery store
15. Make some money: instead of 1, 13, etc., sell them at the farmers market
16. Make baby food even if you have no babies
17. Take a lot of pictures for your blog
18. Get sick of eating way too many of them...
19. Cook or grind them and use them as a base for a vegetarian or soup stock
20. Hit someone on the head...the large ones could be a defense mechanism.

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