Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tips To Save Money In Plumbing Bills

For those of us who like to spend time at the kitchen, also know that sometimes we have to deal with problems in the kitchen such as a clogged sink or drainage.
The following article provide some suggestions for you to save money in plumbing bills.

Tips To Save Money In Plumbing Bills

Monday, August 15, 2011

What I learned from making a Soup?

I learned to play a bit with a recipe and my creativity. I learned that I have a strong tendency to change recipes.

But what else can be learned from cooking a soup? First, I learned to be flexible. After reading the recipe in ‘1000 vegetarian recipes’, I was not sure I had all the ingredients. I did not know what a vegetable bouillon was. I know it sounds silly, but the word ‘bouillon’ was not in my vocabulary. I had a word ‘cubitos’—Spanish for ‘ little cubes’. My recipe called for a cup of milk, but oh wait…I didn’t drink milk then. Would almond milk work? It had to, because my mind was already set up for that soup and I was not going to go out to the grocery store. This reminded me that flexibility and resourcefulness are keyingredients for an enjoyable cooking experience.

You may wonder why I did not have all the ingredients for that recipe. The short answer is that I did not have the recipe when I was at the grocery store. I bought the squash because there were many at the market, and they looked great. And also because I had been thinking of cooking peanut butter-pumpkin soup or squash soup for a while. I have two good friends who make excellent squash soups so I have those memories in my bank of good experiences.

I started by imagining my end product. It puts me in the mood of cooking! I portrayed a smooth, delicious and beautiful soup, already served in a nice plate. I can even smell it, and feel it. The idea made me happy. Why is that?

As you may know, food has a strong connection to memories and feelings. It is no different for me. This yellow silky soup has always been a messenger of the gods for me. Pumpkin soup will always remind me of home. Back home, I called it ‘sopa de zapallo’ or ‘sopa de ullama.’ I grew up having a traditional dish, called ‘guisao’, which I won’t describe here in details, but it was a dish served only on Good Fridays. Guisao is made of small pieces of pumpkin, cassava, fresh spices and fish. That dish, in itself, represents an encounter of cultures indigenous Mesoamericans and Spaniards.

Tweet recipe: pumpkin, some sort of milk, onions, garlic, vegetable boullion+ bay leaves, lime juice, peanut butter (optional), ginger, and water of course. Mix the ingredients....enjoy!
The original story and recipe are here What I learned from making a Soup?

What can you do with so many zucchini?

Here are some ideas about what to do with your excess produce:
1. Give the produce to friends and neighbors --this works if they enjoy cooking. Also make sure you know their likes...
Most people prefer baby zucchini. I was told this "bring only the babies, not those baseball bats." Oh, no worries, I said, 'the bats' are for seeds.

If your family, friends or neighbors don't cook, then cook for them...some people don't know what to do with all those fresh weird looking things. What were they again? They will say thank you and let em..rotten! It is not their fault. They either want to be nice with you so they take the gift. Perhaps, they don't know how to say no to you. They have no experience or lack cooking instruments. Or plainly, they have no desire to cook. Of course there is that possibility that they don't like the stuff at all...
I know this list is not balance...bare with me. Bullets are coming...
2. With the big ones, make some chips. I cut small slices, circular and bake them. Then I put them in a dehydrator. You may choose to fry them instead. I add vinegar, salt, a little bit of sugar, pepper and Italian spices.
3. What about grillin...that is an excellent option.
4. Make zucchini bread
5. You could stir fry them with olive oil+onions+wine+garlic+chives+sage + pepper
6. Make a lasagna (use recipes for egg plant)..I know is not the same, but it works.
7. Cook them in a tomato-basil or marinara sauce
8. Pickle them
9. Wait until they rotten... It happen very fast :-)
10. Slice them and put them in a dehydrator
11. Eat them fresh, directly from the plant (This shall have been option #1)
12. Let them grow giant-ourmous and use the seeds, then pickle the rest/or fry them.
13. Give them to your enemies
14. Drop them secretly at the thrift store, the food pantry or the local grocery store
15. Make some money: instead of 1, 13, etc., sell them at the farmers market
16. Make baby food even if you have no babies
17. Take a lot of pictures for your blog
18. Get sick of eating way too many of them...
19. Cook or grind them and use them as a base for a vegetarian or soup stock
20. Hit someone on the head...the large ones could be a defense mechanism.

Pear Cranberry Pie

The original story and recipe is here Pear Cranberry Pie

This is the tweet recipe 6 tweets):
1. buy a crust...yeah, I don't know how to make crust, sorry.
2. Smash the berries: use a blender, a mortar, a hammer, a stone or whatever other way it may occur to you!
3. Use lot of sugar & butter those berries are as acidic as hell! How do I know hell is acidic? It has sulfur they say...:-)
4. Add All spices: this, which is a mix of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg, fix any other potential problem and smell delicious!
5. Add vanilla- Have you ever use vanilla beans? No, really? That is the best.
6. You know the regular stuff: preheat and bake at 375 F during 45 min
Good luck, and happy delicious pie!

By the way: My recipe is not too sweet. Yet if you want to do some exercise after I recommend this book
Pilates on the Ball
(I am selling it!)

Delicious Jubilee Rice

Delicious Jubilee Rice

There are many rice recipes but only one 'rice' with its multiple shapes and colors. Rice that is being cook in all sorts of ways, times and places. Rice is simple rice though our rice is more than has become part of our stories.
I learned to cook fried rice with dad when I was perhaps 11 years old. We cook one of his favorite dishes, rice with sweet peppers.
When a friend asked me to repeat a recipe I had cook a year before I said ups, I don't have a recipe....and so this journey began. To share more of this journey visit my hubpage Delicious Jubilee Rice

 1 lb of Lundeberg Jubilee rice (~2 1/2 cups). Jubilee rice is a gourmet blend of several varieties of brown rice for a colorful mix.
· Double the amount of water, and add a bit more when the rice is drying (5 cups).
· 1 carrot peeled and grated medium or coarse
· 2 finely chopped green onions (~1 inch)
· 2 finely chopped scallions
· 1 finely chopped garlic clove
· Vegetable oil
· 2 table spoons of olive oil (when the rice is done)
· Mix of 3 peppers: cayenne + black pepper + dark sugar (sprinkle)
· Salt (sprinkle to taste or use 1/3 teaspoon)
· Amino acid blend or soy sauce (2 table spoon)
· 2 tablespoon of sesame oil (when the rice is done)
· Rosemary leaves
· Fennel
In a non-stick pot fry the garlic and scallions until they are golden. Add the carrots and continue frying at low heat for 2 minutes. Take the veggies out and place them in a small glass cup. Fry the rice in the same oil until it is golden. Add double the amount of water (~5 cups). Sprinkle some salt and stir. Cover the rice and let it cook at medium temperature. I set my Preston multi-cooker to 300°F (148°C) for 40min. Lower the temperature when the rice is drying. If the rice does not look completely soft, add 1/3 cup of water to moist it and let it cook for 10 minutes. Once the rice is done add the oils (olive oil and sesame oil), amino acid blend or soy sauce, the mix of veggies, and the spices. Sprinkle the spices, pepper, rosemary and fennel. I add just a little of each kind of spices for flavor. It is best to serve this rice warm since it tends to dry if left at room temperature for a long period. Enjoy it!

Is she the sexiest vegetarian? Olivia Munn naughty for Nature

Is she the sexiest vegetarian? Olivia Munn naughty for Nature
Vegetarianism is one of the ways to help the planet and contribute to resource conservation. Here Olivia Munn tells why she does it. She participated in Peta go naked campaign to rise awareness about the mistreatment of animals in circuses.

I do think that people in general could contribute to the planet in many ways, some would be vegetarians, others will turn activists, some will become volunteers, others will be fundraisers, and others will be philantropist. Some others will turn scientists or naturalist to investigate the problems. Many others will work on policies and/or the environmental friendly businesses. Yet, many others will educate children and communities...
Certainly, there is something you too could do for the planet that gives us so much! I really hope you do. A little and then a little more...